What care will my pet need when I get home?

We will discuss all of the aftercare with you on discharge and you will be given instructions as to any medication or special diet that is prescribed.

We will also advise if exercise should be reduced or avoided and for how long.

If your pet has undergone surgery, we may recommend a special collar to prevent the wound being licked.

You should consult your own vet if you notice any excessive discomfort, heat or swelling around the wound. You will need to return to your own vet for stitches to be removed.

When will I have the results?

When your pet is discharged, the referral vet or nurse will explain what has been done and discuss the ongoing treatment with you.

You will be given a written summary of the findings and details of the treatment. A more detailed report will then be sent to your vet, including any results that were not available at time of discharge.

Vale Referrals

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