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Find out more about Computed Tomography Scans

Vale Referrals are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a brand new on-site 32 Slice CT scanning. It is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we can scan at short notice when required. This comes after a significant investment which includes a purpose built CT building and scanning suite. Our 32-slice scanner uses less radiation than lower quality machines and rivals the high performance machines used in human hospitals.

What is a CT?

The scanner is an incredibly powerful diagnostic tool. It is a large donut shaped machine which fills a large room which is specially lead lined and built exclusively to house the complex equipment. It uses rapidly taken x-rays and a computer to take multiple sliced images of the area required. It only takes minutes to complete a full scan with a 32-slice top of the range scanner.

Advantages of CT over traditional x-ray

The scanner allows a high speed 3D image to be generated and these extremely detailed images allow for more detailed interpretation when compared to a traditional 2D image where problems in visualising a 3D object in a 2D image are common. A 32-slice CT scan provides much more detail than a traditional x-ray. This detail allows for better diagnosis and treatment planning by our vets.

What conditions is it commonly used for?

  • Elbow and joint assessments
  • Ear disease
  • Ocular disease
  • Nasal problems
  • Lung and chest problems
  • Oncological (cancer) problems and metastatic disease diagnosis
  • Spinal problems
  • Porto-systemic shunts
  • Complex fracture assessments

What if my vet says that my pet needs a CT scan?

We are happy to accept CT only referrals as well as full referral cases. Speak to your vet if you would like to use our service and they can begin the referral process. If you want advice please speak to your vet or you can call us on 01453 547934.

Is it covered by pet insurance?

Yes, usually it is but please call us if you would like us to check for you. We can arrange a pre-authorisation agreement with some insurance companies; alternatively, some insurance companies will pay the fees direct to us so you do not have to wait to be reimbursed.

How long does it take to get the results?

The images from the scan will be sent away to a specialist imager for interpretation, which will normally take a few days. Where interpretation is required urgently, this can be arranged and your vet will discuss this with you if appropriate. The results will be sent back to the vet that referred your pet to us and they will contact you to discuss them. We are happy to send your pet back to your own vet for any required treatment after the scan.

Questions or booking a scan...

If you have a general question about your pet having a CT scan, or if you are a referring vet that would like to discuss a booking then you can contact our team:
01453 547934

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