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Our experienced vets focus on a range of disciplines

  • Cardiology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Pet Rehabilitation


Our Cardiology referral service is provided by HeartVets. The team is led by Dr Mark Patteson, MA VetMB PhD DVC CertVR FRCVS, supported by Anna Beber BVMS MVM CertAVP (VC) MRCVS

We use high quality colour flow Doppler Ultrasound, multiple Holter Monitors, Radiotelemetry, digital ECG and all the usual gadgets you would expect at a referral centre.

We don’t blind clients with science or repeat unnecessary tests; we feel that it is important to keep sight of what is in the best interests of the patient.

For many, this means allowing them to return to leading active lives, despite the presence of heart disease.

We also understand that owners need a practical approach and not all have an unlimited budget. Case management often overlaps with our Internal Medicine team, Myra Stevenson and our Surgical team, Michal Vlasin and Richard Artingstall.

We offer a 24 hour emergency service, supported by our team of qualified and experienced nurses at our fully equipped hospital in Stinchcombe. Our services are not limited to the investigations below therefore please feel free to contact us to discuss additional procedures.

Case Typical Investigations
Murmurs in Puppies echocardiography, doppler echocardiography, +/- ECG
Murmurs in Older Dogs echocardiography, doppler echocardiography, +/- ECG
Murmurs in Cats echocardiography, doppler echocardiography, +/- ECG
Congestive Heart Failure echocardiography, doppler echocardiography, +/- ECG, blood tests, blood pressure
Arrhythmias echocardiography, ECG, Holter ECG, abdominal ultrasonography, blood tests
Syncope / collapse / weakness echocardiography, doppler echocardiography, ECG, Holter ECG, blood tests
Exercise Intolerance echocardiography, doppler echocardiography, ECG, Holter ECG, blood tests
Coughing Cardiac suspected: echocardiography, Doppler echocardiography, radiography

Respiratory suspected: CT, echocardiography, blood tests, radiography and endoscopy under GA, cytology and culture of BAL
Pericardial Disease echocardiography, abdominal ultrasonography, radiography, cytology
Thoracic and Abdominal Ultrasound In selected cases this will be performed as a stand alone investigation, usually these would be referred for a full consultation, examination and investigation including these tests
Breed Schemes Newfoundland, Boxer, English Bull Terrier, CKCS, Maine Coone, British Shorthair and other breeds for pre-breeding checks - auscultation, echocardiography, doppler echocardiography as required
ECG Reporting and Film Reporting Call our referral reception for details on 01453 547934
CPD Courses Group and in-house bespoke training on cardiology, thoracic radiography, ultrasonography (hourly or day rate)
Expert Witness & Consultancy Drug trials, review of cases in legal disputes, insurance (hourly rate)

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Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine referral service is led by Myra Stevenson BVM&S CertSAM MRCVS, supported by Sian Blakey BVetMed CertAVP (SAM) MRCVS Internal Medicine Clinician and Oncology Assistant and Vaclav Ceplecha MVDr PhD MRCVS, Internal Medicine Clinician and Oncology Assistant, along with our team of interns and nurses.

The team see a diverse range of non-surgical cases. These may include vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive thirst, unexplained weight loss or weight gain, anaemia and fever. These are the cases that the first opinion vet can’t find an obvious answer for and that need the experience and sophisticated diagnostics we have to hand, such as endoscopy, ultrasound and CT.

Myra is particularly experienced in gastroenterology, endoscopy and urology cases. If the patient needs surgery, then the case may be handed over to our Surgical team, Michal Vlasin and Richard Artingstall.

We offer a 24 hour emergency service, supported by our team of interns and nurses at our fully equipped hospital in Stinchcombe.

Our services are not limited to the above therefore please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to Oncology, offering a range of diagnostic and treatment options.

As always at Vale Referrals, we pride ourselves on offering an appropriate and affordable service. Treatment options can be tailored to the patient’s needs and the owner’s means and we will offer support and communication to both the referring vet and their client.


We have access to a range of advanced diagnostic tools, and the expertise to interpret the results. This allows us to assess, stage and grade disease before advising on treatment.

We will use a combination of the following:

  • Digital Radiography and Advanced Imaging including CT imaging supported by Vet CT Specialists enabling full diagnostic interpretation
  • Abdominal and thoracic ultrasound, including ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates and trucut biopsy
  • Laparoscopic assisted biopsy (liver, multi-organ)
  • Video cystoscopy and biopsy for bladder neoplasia
  • Video rhinoscopy combined with CT for nasal mass biopsy
  • Surgical biopsy



Options can be tailored to the patient’s condition using standard protocols and newer chemotherapeutic agents.

  • CHOP/COP/Single agent therapy, tailored to the individual patient with lymphoma, myeloma and leukaemia
  • Adjunctive therapy for osteosarcoma, mast cell tumours, thyroid carcinomas

Oncological surgery

Our Surgical team, Michal Vlasin DVM PhD Dipl.ECVS, MRCVS and Richard Artingstall MA VetMB CertSAS MRCVS, work closely with Myra Stevenson BVM&S Cert SAM MRCVS, Vaclav Ceplecha MVDr PhD MRCVS and Sian Blakey BVetMed CertAVP (SAM) MRCVS in cases that require surgery or require oncological input after surgery.

Common oncological surgeries include:

  • Thoracic oncological surgery (lung lobe resection for primary lung neoplasia, rib resection for thoracic wall tumours, thymoma removal)
  • Mast cell tumour resection and reconstruction for large mast cell tumours
  • Soft tissue sarcoma removal and skin reconstruction
  • Abdominal oncological surgery (liver lobe resection for primary liver tumours, splenectomy, intestinal resection and anastomosis, bladder wall neoplasia)
  • Head and neck oncological surgery (thyroid carcinoma resection, parathyroidectomy, local lymph node resection)
  • Skin reconstruction after oncological surgery (advancement flaps, axial pattern flaps, skin grafts)
  • Limb amputation (osteosarcoma)

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Our Ophthalmology referral service is headed by Brian Patterson BVM&S Cert VOphthal MRCVS, an Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Ophthalmology.

Brian was awarded the RCVS Certificate in Ophthalmology in 2002 while a resident at the Weipers Centre, University of Glasgow. As a full time veterinary ophthalmologist, Brian has been involved in teaching at the University of Bristol (2010-2012) and has lectured both nationally and internationally.


  • Free telemedicine service
  • Cataract evaluation and treatment including removal by phacoemulsification with lens replacement
  • Multimodal management of non-healing corneal ulcers
  • Oculoplastic surgery – including diamond eye and brow suspension surgeries
  • Management of challenging dry eye cases including parotid duct transposition surgery
  • Micro surgical facilities allowing advanced vision sparing surgeries such as corneo-conjunctival transposition (CCT)
  • Thermokeratoplasty in cases of endothelial decompensation
  • Lens luxation management including small incision lens phacoaspiration
  • Sudden blindness investigations including electroretinography
  • Surgical and laser interventions in selected cases of glaucoma
  • In house, multidisciplinary support for ophthalmic disease of systemic origin Extensive ophthalmic pharmacy

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Our Orthopaedic referral service is headed by Richard Artingstall MA VetMB CertSAS MRCVS and Michal Vlasin DVM PhD Dipl.ECVS, MRCVS, supported by our team of interns and nurses.

We have a dedicated orthopaedic referral theatre fully equipped for our orthopaedic cases. All aspects of orthopaedic problems are assessed and treated. Diagnosis is augmented by digital radiography and CT.

Examples of orthopaedic cases covered are:

  • Simple and complex fracture fixation – Pin and tension band wire, AO/ASIF internal fixation
  • PAX/SOP locking plate, IMEX external skeletal fixation
  • Carpal and tarsal luxation – Pancarpal arthrodesis, ligament augmentation
  • Achilles tendon rupture
  • Multiple trauma- – RTA’s with concurrent soft tissue and orthopaedic injuries
  • Medial and Lateral Patella luxation
  • Hip dislocation
  • Femoral head and neck excision

Cranial Cruciate Rupture

We offer a balanced approach to cranial cruciate rupture utilizing the right technique for the patient and the finances available. Each case will be assessed thoroughly and the different techniques of stabilisation discussed with the owner so they can make an informed decision before embarking on surgery.

Techniques include:

  • TTA (Tibial tuberosity advancement)
  • Closing wedge TPLO
  • Tightrope Fibre wire
  • Isometric secured lateral suture
  • Lateral DeAngelis suture

Our services are not limited to the above therefore please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Soft Tissue Surgery

Our Soft tissue referral service is led by both Michal Vlasin DVM PhD Dipl.ECVS, MRCVS, Richard Artingstall MA VetMB CertSAS MRCVS, RCVS and Alasdair Hotston Moore MA VetMB CertSAC CertVR CertSAS CertMedEd FRCVS, supported by our team of interns and nurses.

Vale Referrals has a dedicated theatre for their soft tissue surgery, comprehensively equipped for anaesthesia and patient monitoring. Routine surgeries carried out include thoracic and abdominal surgery, as well as ear, nose and throat and oncologic and reconstructive surgery. Surgical cases are seen early in the morning to allow time for any investigation to be carried out prior to surgery. Surgery will often be carried out the same day. This then means that patients can be closely monitored post-operatively, during the rest of the day by our highly-trained nurses.

Vale Referrals have the expertise and equipment to carry out laparoscopic or keyhole surgery and will use this minimally invasive technique where appropriate. In particular for:

  • Ovariectomy
  • Retained testicle (cryptorchid)
  • Laparoscopic assisted gastropexy
  • Laparoscopic assisted gut biopsy laparoscopic liver/ pancreatic biopsy

We regularly perform the following procedures:


  • Aspergillosis treatment
  • Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome-surgery for stenotic nares / elongated soft palate
  • Nasal Discharge investigations / Laryngeal Paralysis-Tieback surgery
  • Stick injuries
  • Cleft Palate/Oronasal Fistulae surgery
  • Salivary Mucocoeles
  • Total Canal Ablation and Bulla Osteotomy (dogs)
  • Ventral Bulla Osteotomy (cats) Lateral Wall Resection


  • Thoracotomy
  • Vascular Ring Anomalies
  • PDA surgery
  • Lung Lobectomy
  • Pericardial Strip Pneumothorax / Pleural Effusion investigation – Pyothorax, Chylothorax
  • Chest Wall Tumours, Chest wall Reconstruction
  • Ruptured Diaphragm
  • Peritoneopericardial Diaphragmatic Hernia


  • Oncological investigation and surgery
  • Mandibulectomies
  • Maxillectomies


  • Colposuspension / Urethropexy
  • Ectopic Ureter surgery
  • Perineal Urethrostomy
  • Urethral blockage and FLUTD (cats)
  • Nephrectomy/Renal Biopsy


  • All aspects of Gastrointestinal surgery
  • Acute Abdomen cases / Peritonitis
  • GDV / Gastropexy / Placement “PEG” tubes
  • Liver Biopsy / Liver Lobectomy
  • Cholecystectomy / Cholecystoduodenostomy
  • Splenectomy
  • Prostatic investigations/surgery
  • Perineal Ruptures Wound Management and reconstruction / Skin Grafts Migrating foreign bodies / discharging sinus investigation
  • Wound Management and reconstruction / Skin Grafts
  • Migrating foreign bodies / discharging sinus investigation

As a practice we offer a 24 hour emergency service, supported by our team of interns and nurses at our fully equipped hospital in Stinchcombe. Our services are not limited to the above therefore please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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Pet Rehabilitation

At Pet Rehab, we specialise in the management of pain and optimisation of performance in pets and working dogs. We cater for animals with arthritis; agility, sporting or working dogs with injury; and any pet recovering from surgery. We also advise on sport fitness and can advise on training programmes to help prevent injury.

The Pet Rehab team work from personal experience and a passionate interest in this area.

Our philosophy is to discover the underlying cause of pain and treat this via a tailored mix of our different therapies and services. We offer chiropractic, physiotherapy, sport massage, acupuncture and hydrotherapy on our treadmill.

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