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COVID-19, What are we doing?

Posted - 29-07-2020

These are unprecedented times and we thank you for your support.

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Standing On Her Shoulders

Posted - 04-02-2020

Continuing on from our previous post celebrating 100 years since women could register as veterinarians. We asked our own Vets what inspired them to enter the profession.

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Alabama Rot (CRGV)

Posted - 22-01-2020

There have been confirmed 4 cases of cutaneous renal glomerular vasculopathy (often termed CRGV and sometimes known as Alabama Rot).

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Standing On Her Shoulders

Posted - 17-01-2020

Continuing on from our previous post celebrating 100 years since women could register as veterinarians. We asked our own Vets what inspired them to enter the profession

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Reverse Sneezing

Posted - 13-01-2020

Fidget presented with a history of reverse sneezing episodes and coughing when drinking...

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Standing On Her Shoulders

Posted - 17-12-2019

December 23rd 2019 marks 100 years since women were allowed into the veterinary profession.

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Posted - 18-11-2019

When it comes to antibiotic use and helping prevent antibiotic resistance Trust Your Vet Trust...

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Meet New Intern Barbora

Posted - 11-11-2019

Barbora is one of our new interns who has joined Vale Referalls

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Heart of the Matter

Posted - 08-11-2019

Saluki cross, Oscar was seen by our Cardiology team for investigation into reoccurrence of a pericardial effusion that had previously been drained a week earlier.

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Posted - 21-10-2019

Meet DeeDee, a 3month old Pug who, 4 weeks ago, took a tumble and fractured her left forelimb.

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Meet Comet

Posted - 02-09-2019

Adorable Comet recently came to see the surgical team due to a mass on her left hind limb which had progressed in size over the course of the last year.

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Posted - 27-08-2019

Very interesting and a reminder why we love CT! BEN, a 9 year old, Cocker Spaniel, presented to the internal medicine team with jaundice. A was CT performed and the report was very interesting!

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Sarah has achieved her target of 40@40

Posted - 14-08-2019

...raising an impressive £2068.55 for her chosen charities.

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Newsletter Spring 2019

Posted - 17-06-2019

Welcome to the Vale Referrals Spring newsletter 2019

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Adder Encounter

Posted - 25-04-2019

An adder encounter Brian Patterson BVM&S Cert VOphthal MRCVS

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Winter 2019 Newsletter

Posted - 20-02-2019

Welcome Welcome to our first newsletter of 2019, we hope you have had a good Christmas and New Year and like us you are ready for a busy year ahead...

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European Specialist

Posted - 14-02-2019

We are proud to report that our surgeon, Michal Vlasin DVM PhD Dipl.ECVS, MRCVS, has been awarded European Specialist status in Small Animal Surgery.

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Sarah's 40 at 40

Posted - 31-01-2019

Our general manager Sarah Newall has taken on a challenge in celebration of reaching 40.

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Oncology Service South Wales

Posted - 07-01-2019

Vale Referrals are pleased to announce a new oncology service for South Wales. Headed by Medical Oncologist Stefano Zago and supported by the Vale Referrals team.

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Oncology CPD Evening

Posted - 07-01-2019

'To celebrate the opening of a new Oncology service for South Wales Vale Referrals are holding the following CPD evening.

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Encapsulated Cystic Lesion

Posted - 20-12-2018

Flossy, a 15 year old, DSH, had a history of chronic vomiting, dating from 2015.

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Autumn Newsletter 2018

Posted - 20-11-2018

Hello and welcome to Vale Referrals’ autumn newsletter 2018.

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Oncology CPD

Posted - 08-11-2018

Thank you to those who attended Vale Referrals Oncology CPD in Newport, South Wales on Monday 5th November.

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The Petplan Veterinary Awards 2019

Posted - 19-09-2018

Has someone at Vale Referrals gone above and beyond the call of duty to help your pet in need? If so why not nominate them now to help them get recognition for all their hard work…

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Surgery Position

Posted - 27-06-2018

Veterinary Surgery Position at Vale Referrals, Gloucestershire. Vale Veterinary Referrals, Gloucestershire are looking for an additional veterinary surgeon to expand Vale Referrals surgical team in both soft tissue, orthopaedic surgery.

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Alabama Rot

Posted - 20-02-2018

Alabama Rot is a very unpleasant and often fatal disease whose origins and causes remain largely unknown. We are aware of recent press reports linking this disease to Vale Vets and wish to clarify the situation.

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Posted - 06-02-2018

We are proud to report that one of our referral surgeons, Alasdair Hotston Moore, will be speaking at a regional veterinary meeting this week

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Surgical Referral Service

Posted - 14-12-2017

Vale Referrals would like to welcome Alasdair Hotston Moore to our surgical team.

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MBA with Distinction

Posted - 07-11-2017

'Congratulations to our Director of Referrals who has passed his MBA with distinction.

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A stressful time for your pet

Posted - 30-10-2017

Pets can go missing for a variety of reasons especially during the Halloween and firework season…

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Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Posted - 30-10-2017

It’s important to make sure our pets have a safe and happy Halloween!

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2018 Petplan Veterinary Awards

Posted - 23-10-2017

Don't forget the 2018 Petplan Veterinary Awards are now open! These awards celebrate the hard work and dedication of veterinary staff recognising those who inspire their clients and colleagues with their commitment and passion!

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Prepare for Firework Season

Posted - 21-10-2017

Remember, remember fireworks aren’t just in November - How to prepare for the Firework season?

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Journal of Small Animal Practice

Posted - 04-10-2017

Contributing to advancing veterinary knowledge is one of our four key values at Vale Referrals. Our values are important to us and guide us in everything we do both clinically and professionally

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Expertise, trust and care

Posted - 02-10-2017

As a multidisciplinary service for the Midlands, South West and Wales 'Vale Referrals continually looks at how we can improve and enhance our service to both referring vets and clients.

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Three Diplomates in Veterinary Cardiology

Posted - 14-09-2017

Vale Referrals are very pleased to announce that our cardiologists, Dave Dickson and Jo Harris have both recently achieved their diplomate status in Veterinary Cardiology from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

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Vale Referrals Oncology

Posted - 21-07-2017

Vale Referrals are pleased to announce an extension to our Multidisciplinary Oncology Service...

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Congratulations Junior GB Agility Team

Posted - 20-07-2017

A very well done and congratulations to the Junior Great Britain Agility Team on their recent success at the European Open Junior Championships in Luxembourg!!!

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Pixie Gisby

Posted - 19-07-2017

Pixie Gisby is a 10-year-old English lop who had an abscess on his jaw. We were not sure if this was associated with his teeth or if it had caused any further damage. A CT scan was performed to look at the bone in more detail.

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European Open Junior Agility Championships

Posted - 12-07-2017

This is 2017 junior Great Britain Agility Team who Vale Referrals are very proud sponsor.

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Ruben to the Rescue...

Posted - 07-07-2017

Just like in human medicine sometimes our four legged friends require blood transfusions and this is exactly what happened yesterday here at Vale Referrals

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Sameday On-site CT Scanning Facilities!

Posted - 03-05-2017

Whether a Vale Referral client or an Outpatient/ CT only or Sameday CT client we are really proud to be one of a handful of practices in the country able to offer this service and so many pets have already benefited from a CT scan with us.

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Easter Poisons Warning

Posted - 13-04-2017

Every year we treat dogs for chocolate and raisin poisoning. It's all too easy at this time of the year to find them chomping away at that shiny looking easter egg or to snatch that sneaky hot cross bun from off the counter when your back is turned!

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Small Animal Surgery & Medicine Internships

Posted - 22-03-2017

Opportunity!!! Vale Referrals, Gloucestershire - One Year Fixed contract (Positions available from July 2017)

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Vale Referrals at BSAVA

Posted - 06-03-2017

Vale Referrals are proud to be holding a stand at BSAVA Congrass 2017

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2017: MRI service dates

Posted - 07-02-2017

We are pleased to announce that we have the 2017 dates confirmed for our visiting MRI service.

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2016: MRI service dates

Posted - 01-01-2016

We are pleased to announce that we have the 2016 dates confirmed for our visiting MRI service.

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RSA Preferred Referral Centre

Posted - 01-12-2015

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected by the RSA as a Preferred Referral Centre!

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