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Pixie Gisby

Pixie Gisby

Pixie Gisby

Posted - 19-07-2017

Pixie Gisby is a 10-year-old English lop who had an abscess on his jaw.

We were not sure if this was associated with his teeth or if it had caused any further damage.

More Detail...

A CT scan was performed to look at the bone in more detail.

A 3D reconstruction showed us that the abscess had affected the jaw bone.

Pixie has been started on antibiotic injections and is bright and doing well.

He is a favourite patient and enjoys a cuddle whenever in the hospital.

Advantages of CT over traditional x-ray

The scanner allows a high speed 3D image to be generated and these extremely
detailed images allow for more detailed interpretation when compared to a traditional
2D image where problems in visualising a 3D object in a 2D image are common.

A 64-slice CT scan provides much more detail than a traditional x-ray.
This detail allows for better diagnosis and treatment planning by our vets.



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