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Encapsulated Cystic Lesion

Encapsulated Cystic Lesion

Encapsulated Cystic Lesion

Posted - 20-12-2018

Flossy, a 15year old, DSH, had a history of chronic vomiting, dating from 2015. Her pattern of vomiting was 3-4 episodes of vomiting a small amount of bile, often associated with grass eating and typically in the morning on an empty stomach. Despite this, her appetite remained normal and there was no evidence of diarrhoea

Veterinary CT confirmed the presence of a large encapsulated cystic lesion (6.8 x 4.5 x 6.7cm), originating from the liver which did not take up contrast. The cyst contacted the diaphragm, the left caudal thoracic wall, the right pancreatic limb, the gall bladder and the body of the stomach. The portal vein was seen to run alongside it.

The cystic lesion displaced the gastric fundus and impinged onto the body of the stomach and it’s exit (pylorus) – likely to causing some impairment of gastric emptying by external compression.

Internal medicine clinician Sian Blakey BVetMed CertAVP (SAM) MRCVS performed a percutaneous, ultrasound guided, drainage of the cyst.

If rapid recurrence is observed, surgical removal of the cystic structure could be considered.

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