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Meet Comet

Meet Comet

Meet Comet

Posted - 02-09-2019

Adorable Comet recently came to see the surgical team due to a mass on her left hind limb which had progressed in size over the course of the last year.

The mass was a fixed soft tissue mass overlying the hip and pelvis. Investigation using Computed Tomography Scan (CT) showed a large fat attenuating mass lesion associated with the right dorsal lateral pelvis. The mass had displaced the sartorius, superficial and middle gluteal muscles medially and there was a fatty infiltration noted to the dorsal aspect of the middle gluteal muscle. The iliac, right popliteal and right inguinal lymph nodes were reported to be mildly enlarged when compared to their counterparts. There were no osseous abnormalities identified at the time.

Conclusion of CT was an extensive right-sided infiltrative lipoma with underlying muscle involvement and presumed reactive or metastatic (of unidentified primary neoplastic process) regional lymphadenopathy.

After discussion with our orthopaedic consultant, Richard Artingstall, it was decided that Comet would have her left hind limb amputated, along with a hemipelvectomy.

This was big decision for Comet's owners. Once in surgery the mass was able to be removed along with Comet’s leg, however, the surgeons were relieved to see that the pelvis did not require any excision.

Comet made a good recovery and is now home resting. We wish Comet a speedy recovery and look forward to her visiting us soon!

Well done Comet!

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