Haematology & Endocrinology

Haematology & Endocrinology

Haematology & Endocrinology

Vale Referrals Haematology and Endocrinology service is aimed at the management of complex haematological (blood) and endocrine (hormonal) disease that we see in our pets. This can range from acute anaemias and coagulopathies to complex endocrine medical disease such as keto-acidotic diabetes management.

We have particular expertise in a wide range of medical haematological and endocrine conditions. We use our teams’ clinical skills and our range of diagnostic facilities to investigate, treat and manage complex conditions within the hospital.

We have a network of blood donors and partner with Pet Blood Bank and Greyhound Rescue to enable rapid blood donor supply when needed.

Our Haematology and Endocrinology Service is an integral part of our internal medicine team’s work and is supported by Myra Stevenson  BVM&S Cert SAM MRCVS (RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Medicine).Stefano Zago DVM (Hons) MSc (Clin Onc) MRCVS and Sian Blakey BVetMed CertAVP (SAM) MRCVS.

Haematology and Endocrinology diagnostics at Vale Referrals are aided by:

  • Expertise in house cytology supported by specialist external laboratory in hematology, biochemistry to enable rapid diagnostics
  • High frequency ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), digital radiography for investigation of concurrent disease
  • Access to a specialist led surgical team to enable bone marrow biopsy/aspirate for rapid and accurate diagnosis.

Haematology and Endocrinology management options at Vale Referrals are aided by:

  • Rapid on site blood donor facilities and support
  • Expertise and knowledge in complex haematological and endocrine condition from within our medicine team
  • Support from our surgical team for the management of acute heamoabdominal crises (splenic, adrenal, liver disease, acute trauma)

For more information or to make a referral please contact referrals@valevets.co.uk

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