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During these challenging times Vale Referrals are utilising all avenues in an effort to support you and your clients. We understand clients may be unable to travel to our clinic. To aid with cases we have put together a case management service from general advice through to full case management. For all cases we ask you to send through full case history, all diagnostic test results and the best contact telephone number for you.





Internal medicine & Oncology    
Medicine / oncology referral Referral into clinic Estimate by phone
Medicine / oncology general
Email or phone call Free of charge
Medicine / oncology
Option 1 case management:
Case review and discussion
Patient discussion, review of history and labs
- no written report.
Medicine / oncology
Option 2 case management:
Case review and report:
Full case review, differential diagnosis full
written report
  Daily review / support additional £25- 55 / day
case dependent
Additional fees
(add on to option 4)
Remote guided ultrasound £50


Soft Tissue and Orthopaedics    
Soft Tissue and Orthopaedics
Referral into clinic Call for estimate
Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic
General advice
Email or phone call for radiography and
Free of charge
Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic
Option 1: Case review and
For those that are self isolating/ ill and the
dog can't travel - case discussion where we
review the history of management and or
discuss in depth techniques for how the vet
can do an operation on site e.g. photocopy
relevant textbooks techniques -
Soft Tissue and Orthopaedic
Option 2: full case management
Teleconsultation with owner - 30 minutes, in
depth -
Cardiology Referral Emergency only Call for estimate
Cardiology Case Advice HeartVets Echo images or review of all media and case
management advice
Video call for echo assistance Full case review and report £240
Ophthalmology Referral Urgent and emergency only Call for estimate
Ophthalmology telemedicine
Case discussion and telephone / video
Dermatology Referral Case discussion prior to referral Call for estimate
Case discussion - email Referring vets requiring advice for case
Case review of existing cases Vet or owner £55


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